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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women to live confident, meaningful lives. We provide programs and events that address the diverse needs of women in all stages of life. They promote introspection, establish support systems and offer education.      

Our goal is to be relevant and beneficial. In addition to utilizing external resources, F2F is implementing internal solutions for the most commonly expressed needs of women. 

  • Self-Awareness: Our workshops, seminars and personal coaching help women develop a lifelong love of self.
  • Marriage and Family: Through counseling, support groups and couples' events, we provide the resources to maintain healthy families.
  • Friendship: Book clubs and social events are vehicles we use to encourage new friendships.
  • Career/Purpose: Assessments, workshops and networking events aid women in learning how to balance a career and family. For those seeking purpose, these opportunities help identify strengths and skill sets.
  • Spirituality: Bible studies offer participants a chance to examine biblical scriptures.

Board of Directors

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Juwana Jackson is an Author and Personal Development Coach. Her philanthropic pursuits have included sponsorships for Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta and other teen-focused organizations. She has appeared as a repeat guest on the television show Talk of the Town. She has obtained professional coach training from the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute. She operates JuwanaLynn Coaching, (juwanalynn.com)

As the visionary for Free to Flourish, Juwana is motivated by her passion for encouraging and empowering women.  She believes when a woman is free from fear, oppression, low self-worth, unforgiveness, negativity and all that tears at the soul, she is Free to Flourish.



Janelle Simmons has a passion for health as well as nurturing and caring for others. She earned a degree in Health and Physical Education and later obtained a certification in massage therapy in 2009. Her professional career gave her medical office management experience since 2000. She founded Grace Massage Therapy (gracemt.com)  in 2015.

Janelle's passion for overall health and wellness developed into encouraging and coaching others to seek every aspect of wellness as a lifestyle. Her desire to encourage and coach others to make better choices for a healthy, more fulfilling life led her to partner with Juwana Jackson of Free To Flourish, Inc, where she is able to use her passion to help give women the space to dream.



Charnae Leonce is on a mission to help others grow both in their professional and personal lives.Trained as a Commercial Photographer and Designer from Gwinnett Technical College, she is an entrepreneur in her own right. She has mentored other entrepreneurs with their business start ups; helping them build and grow profitable businesses.

Along side her husband, Charnae has also served with The Family Ministry of Victory World Church as a ministry leader for 10 years. She works with pre-wed couples, couples seeking to better their marriage relationships, and also couples in crisis. Lastly, she believes each woman is a unique creation of God with great significance and worth and therefore she supports Free to Flourish.