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Books, Bibles and Bars is a fun, judgment-free women's book club/Bible study group that meets in Norcross, GA. It's a great place for women who are new believers, seasoned Christians or simply curious about Christianity. We go by BBB but below is the explanation for the full name of our group. 

BOOKS: Every summer we read fiction literature from a variety of authors.

BIBLES: We engage in transparent conversations centered around Biblical teachings.

BARS: Each meeting we enjoy a different food bar theme such as nacho bar, salad bar, yogurt bar, etc.

AND BEYOND: We get involved with the community through outreach projects, and we keep the fun going with social outings.

(We love our babies, but they may not attend this group.)

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Test Your Bible Wits

How well do you know the Bible? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the Old Testament or New Testament. Don't worry, no one is tracking your results.   

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Words & Phrases  

Ever had a question about the meaning of a Christian word or phrase? We have! So, we've defined some of the most common ones.

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A Safe Place

BBB is a diverse, judgment-free group. To maintain a safe environment for all of our members, we each sign and follow a written agreement (aka covenant).