Where are you stuck?

By Juwana Jackson

                                                    Photo and caption by  iswani Jam Ani

                                                  Photo and caption by iswani Jam Ani

It’s terrifying to step into unfamiliar territory and pursue something that’s too big for you to accomplish alone. First, unfamiliar territory implies unfamiliar dangers. Second, when we pursue something, there is always the potential for failure. And third, if it can’t be accomplished alone, you’ll be required to relinquish some control (maybe all). With that said, many of us opt out, choose to play it safe and bury our dreams.

Today, I challenge you to revive your old dreams. Over the next five weeks, we will explore 5 tips to help start the process of living the Big Dream. You bring the courage and I’ll bring the tips. Let’s begin!  

   1.      Use what you already have. Ditch the “If I had_______ then I would __________” OR “When I get__________ then I will _________” statements. If you are not willing to pursue your dreams right now, with what you already have, there is a real chance you will never pursue your dreams. What you have now is enough to begin with!

2.      Be willing to go through the preparation process. Too often we give up on ideas, dreams, and desires because the preparation process is challenging. But if you receive what you’ve been praying for before you are properly prepared you will destroy it or it will destroy you. Go through the process!

3.      Build a diverse team of supporters. Most of us prefer to be around like-minded people. And while that is great when deciding what to have for dinner, it can be stifling when pursuing a dream. Check your close circle and make sure it includes people who are similar to you as well as people who are different from you. Diversity can make a big difference!

4.      Wait it out. Some things come quickly. Dreams do not. The very definition of a dream tells us that it is a goal; an aspiration; something we aim for. It begins as a concept; a thought. As it develops it becomes a desire and then finally, you have a dream. But even after you’ve done the work, there may still be a waiting period before it actualizes. Don’t quit. Wait it out!

5.      Make failure work to your advantage. I cannot begin to count the number of times I have failed. And I’m talking about epic failures. Still, it was not the end. After the tears dried up and the embarrassment faded, I’d always ask myself, “What lesson can I take away from this?” The answer to that very question can help build courage to try again. Learn from every lesson. Failure teaches!  

In the upcoming weeks, we will look more closely at each of these 5 tips. But for now, we want to hear from you.

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Where are you stuck?