What do you do while waiting?

By Naifa White

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Whether you’re waiting on a new relationship, a better job opportunity or good health, we all experience seasons of expectation. Life is loaded with cycles of growth and change. Hence, how do we obtain relief and contentment while living in a state of emptiness and longing?

With the start of the New Year have you experienced increased restlessness as your “lack” becomes more painfully apparent?  Do you feel like your hopes for fulfillment, joy and success continue to elude you?  Well, here are a few principles that will aid you in your journey. They’re not full of empty platitudes and well-meaning pats on the back, but hopefully real substance that will help you navigate the waters of expectation, disappointment, anxiety and restlessness.

1)      Don’t fixate on the “answer”; looking around every corner for your “Mr. Right”, that offer letter, phone call or great windfall. Instead, flourish in the tasks at hand. Do what you already know to do but with greater excellence. Volunteer, give back (all year long), nurture friendships or a latent talent. Work on being the best possible you. People and circumstances aren’t attracted to nothingness! Be functional; be a contributor instead of just a taker and embrace contentment. Live fully in the present instead of pining for “tomorrow” and be grateful for the countless blessing you already possess. Surely, someone else would take the same resources, freedom, talent and personality that you have come to loathe and would thrive. But, since it’s yours... Work it!!

2)      Prepare for the “answer”. In nature, bird specialists and even medical doctors use the term ”nesting” to describe the stage where a mother prepares the nest for her new additions. She cleans out clutter, gathers, stores and builds a fortified shelter to protect her investment. The same should be true for our lives! Get things in order and make room for your new addition. Re-evaluate relationships (some can hold you back), reorganize the shelves (prioritize), clear out the junk and clutter (unnecessary stuff distracts) and get your life in order. Get healthy; yes physically, emotionally, spiritually and even financially. In other words, dress the part! Be the part!  By repositioning yourself it’s more likely that you’ll be able to handle your new blessing (once it arrives) and bear the load of the unexpected baggage that comes along with it.

3)      Lastly, consider what you’re really asking for and why. Abuse is the improper use of a person or thing that alters what it was originally designed for. So, when you haven’t properly prepared yourself, harbor selfish motives or are short-sighted you’re more likely to abuse people and situations and hence, risk losing them. So take time to study the object of your desire and then examine yourself. If you fall short, don’t be discouraged and throw up your hands. Just, get to work!! Seek out wise counsel too. You may be overlooking the key to your success. Likely, it’s right in front of you... Just look in the mirror!

Remember, there is always a process before the promise and labor before the delivery!

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What do you do while waiting?