How can you maximize your growth?

By Naifa White

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Preparation is often considered a dirty word. It conjures up ideas of hard work, discomfort and delayed gratification. However, as we embrace the new year with its new opportunities, new relationships and much-sought -after answers, we must not fail to realize that there are processes in life and common life principles that we all must honor. Despite our level of intelligence, self-determination, beauty or charisma these life principles are truly the common denominators we all must come to terms with.

Just like the principle of gravity, you can deny its existence but sooner or later you’ll learn that it’s true nevertheless.  Life constantly involves give and take; cause and effect. If you want something, first you’ll have to give something. If you want to create a new life there’s going to be an element of death first... Bury the seed in the ground, water it and then you’ll see new life sprouting up.

Here are some additional principles that should help drive this concept home:

1)      Are you ready for an upgrade or promotion?  Do you want a new job or to take your relationship or dream to the next level? Well, first consider if you’ve excelled at your current level and if you’re really ready to handle the additional pressures, new way others will perceive you and how you’ll have to reprioritize your life.

 If you seek a leadership role, ask yourself if you’ve honored those that are currently in authority over you (boss, parents, leaders) or do you constantly challenge the higher- ups?  Or, if you want more wisdom and direction concerning an area in your life, have you already heeded sound advice or have you dismissed it? Often new opportunities and relationships don’t present themselves because we haven’t fully matured in certain areas and/or because we’ve failed to lay the proper foundation to support it. Take time to evaluate yourself and your current situation.

2)      Learn to embrace the good and bad. Although trials and difficulties are never pleasant they cause us to examine ourselves and reveal our strengths, weaknesses and motives. Hardships, disappointments and even rejection make us more relatable to others and are invaluable in steering us into even better opportunities. Both failure and success prime us to be teachable leaders because once you’ve encountered certain pitfalls you can easily direct others to safety. Additionally, you’ll be more aware that no one can do it alone and wise enough to seek out others more successful than yourself for guidance. (Accountability).

3)      Preparation almost always involves our willingness to be vulnerable. This helpless state causes us to be more cooperative than usual and allows us to develop compassion for others as well. So, don’t rush the process of preparation because each step you climb positions you for your destiny.

Additionally, if you attempt to sprint up the stairs, taking them two at a time, you could circumvent this necessary process and then be ill-prepared to handle your “dream”. So no matter how steep the climb or how lengthy the process, endeavor to enjoy the journey because it’s where the real growth occurs! Like a pregnancy, courtship  or extensive schooling, if you loathe this portion of your life you may finish quickly only to later realize you missed a special season of life that you can never recapture again.

So go ahead, smell the roses of life and may their fragrance forever comfort you as you enjoy the journey to becoming you!

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How can you maximize your growth?