As a working mom, what is your biggest challenge?

Motherhood Series

By Martene P.


As a proud mommy to my three-year-old son (Dominic) and my just-turned two-year-old daughter (Avalynn), I get to experience the joys of motherhood while working a full-time job as a RN and being a wife.  I truly love being a mom! I get to watch these two beautiful blessings as they grow, change, learn, play together, and say the most hilarious things! I love when they ask me to hold them, want to give me kisses or just hold my face. I can't get enough!

My biggest challenge as a mom has always been a lack of time. As a nurse, I work three 12- hour shifts per week on days that vary from week to week. Since my shift ends at 8 PM, I often miss out on those special nighttime moments like reading a bedtime story and having a consistent nighttime ritual. My children miss me on those long work days, and of course I miss them as well.

I believe that one of the most important responsibilities of being a parent is to give your children the gift of a stable, two-parent home, whenever possible. Since this is not always an option, single parents deserve the utmost respect. I can’t imagine being a mom without someone to help me out! Then, there’s also the additional challenge of striving to be a great wife (in order to maintain a happy home) and letting my children see a harmonious unity between my husband and I. 

While my job enables me to help support my family, allows time for adult interaction, and provides me with the opportunity to help others heal, I often feel so exhausted from work that I don't have as much energy as I'd like for my family. I have high goals for my children's future and a huge aspect of accomplishing those goals includes being able to home school them. My husband is an amazing photographer with his own business. Therefore I have very high hopes that his income will be able to support our family and our dreams without my nursing income. I have also started a home-based business with a company called Arbonne, which I hope will enable me to help support our family (while working part-time on my own schedule). 

I feel like God laid it on my heart to home school my children before they were born so I know that He'll make a way for this to happen, if I do my part! I know that I have to pray regarding the success of both my business and my husband's. However, what’s even more important than my personal time or even family time, is spending time with God and building my relationship with Him! Even though this is the most difficult time to carve out of a busy schedule, it's absolutely the most vital. Without relying on God and having a prayer life, I leave myself and my family unprotected; out in the open.

I'm really trying to make reading the word and praying consistently a habit in my life.  Sometimes though, I feel like I just don't have time to do it because either Dominic and Avalynn are crying for me, they need to eat, they need a diaper change, I have to make dinner, get clothes and lunches ready for preschool, get my things ready for work or make calls for my home-based business. While it sometimes feels like I can't afford to take time out of my busy schedule to pray and read the Bible, the truth is that I can't afford not to. My future and the future of my family, depends on it!

As mothers, God has placed unique dreams and desires within each of us that He intends to watch us fulfill with His strength! This is so exciting to me! I really believe that through our faith in Christ, God has designed us to be able to have the gifts He's given us (our children, our marriages) while He enables us to fulfill our goals and have the energy to do it! It doesn't mean we'll never feel tired, overwhelmed or pressed for time. However, if we rely on God to get us through each challenge, I sincerely believe we'll reach amazing heights in our lives, in relationships, in our families, and especially in our walk with God.

I want to encourage all mothers that are feeling pulled in countless directions and feeling like you just can't sort out your life, or you feel like your own dreams and goals are falling by the wayside. Place your prayer life and reading of the Word at the top of your to-do list each and every day, and follow through with it. Matthew 6:33 sums this up: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." Do this and you will experience positive change; peace, satisfaction and happiness in your home life. You will have God-given strength to accomplish your dreams and goals. Put your trust and faith in God. He will not disappoint!

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As a working mom, what is your biggest challenge?