What does being a father mean to you?

By Joel R


I am the proud father of a beautiful soon-to-be six year old girl, Alora. Her name means “my dream” and she has truly been a blessing in my life. When my daughter first came into this world I was overcome with a joy I simply can’t explain; especially because of the difficulties of her birth…I know you probably want to know more, but I’m saving that for my next tell-all book. 

Alora’s mom and I separated when Alora was about four years old. This was one of the most difficult times for me as a father. It was hard not seeing my daughter everyday like I used to. Fortunately, I was able to realize that this wasn’t a time to be angry, upset or even hurt, but a time to make every minute I had with her count. I used our time to make memories, to bond and to show her that no matter what, daddy was and would always be there. Also, once I was able to study the Bible, I began to enjoy my role as a father even more.

I didn’t have the pleasure of growing up knowing my father, so being a father is not just a title I am blessed to have. I take it very seriously. Maybe a few of you can relate. But regardless of your experience, you must know, that no matter what, your Heavenly Father has and will always be at your side.

 This is what being a father means to me:                                                                                                                                     

F - Is for FAMILY. Being able to lead, protect, worship and play as a family.

A - Is for AUTHORITY. Being able to set rules and discipline in your household.

T - Is for TEACHER. Teaching your kids about life and its challenges.

H - Is for HUMILITY. Showing your kids how to be humble when relating with others and themselves.

E - Is for EXPERIENCE. Relating your life’s turmoil, both past and present, to your kids’ experiences.

R - Is for RESPECT. Teaching your kids what it’s like to be respectful of themselves and others. 

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What does being a father mean to you?